Tanja was born in Kaliningrad, Russia 19.06.1983. When she was only two months old, the family moved to Estonia and made a new home there. Tanja is the most popular female entertainer in Estonia .

When Tanja was 4 years old, she started to take dance lessons, thanks to her mother.

"One day my dance teacher heard me humming while dancing and suggested that I should go to the music studio, so I did. " said Tanja.

She has been a true performer since a very young age.

In 2001 started Tanja her career. She entered the Viljandi Academy of Art's and recorded her first album with her friend Ly. In the next year they had another album called "La fiesta del sol". Two years after that Tanja performed in the musical "Cabaret" and started her solo career. In 2004 Tanja had her first solo album called "JZ Belle" and also in the same year she, graduated from the Academy of Art's. She has at the moment 6 albums and the last one is called "Gemini".

One of Tanja's passions are musicals. She has done a lot of them: "Fame", "Hair" ,"Chicago", "Fantom", "Snow white", "Kiss of the spiderwoman" to name a few. At the moment she plays Sally Bowles in "Cabaret", Lucy in "The last cowboy" and sings in a stage show called "Thriller-Tribute to Michael Jackson". Tanja has also been part of many successful TV production. The last one was "Your face sounds familiar" where she performed in the finals. Tanja has been a choreographer for "Estonian idol" and "Singing with the stars" she was also a contemporary dance teacher in WAF dance school.

"I've wanted to participate in Eurovision song contest for a long time now. This year we wrote a song with Timo Vendt especially for ESC and i already knew that i want to dance a contemporary style on the stage. I love dancing and contemporary is my favorite style. "Amazing" choreography is quite hard, it took me many rehearsals to learn it and to be able to sing the song at the same time in tune, well Its a great challenge, but I love challenges.  We want to tell the "Amazing" story through dance and maybe also introduce contemporary style to people who have never heard of it before"

"I'm not sure where my inspiration comes from, i think the best word would be ... Life. Anything and everything can inspire me to create music, lyrics or choreography."

"My message to my fans would be ... Be kind to each other, enjoy every moment in your life and be Amazing :)"

"I've been a Eurovision fan for 23 years now, so for me, to actually participate and represent my beautiful country in ESC 2014 is something unbelievable, wonderful, magical... just AMAZING! It's a dream come true and i want to enjoy every second of it."

Did You know, that Tanja is a very good cook? She really looooves healthy and delicious food and she can stay in the Kitchen for hours, just to prepare the perfect dish for her friends and family.

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